Monday, May 26, 2008

EclipseLink at SpringOne 2008

This year I'll be at SpringOne again and this time I'll be co-presenting with Rob Harrop of SpringSource about using cool features of EclipseLink with Spring. I've blogged previously about using EclipseLink MOXy with Spring Web Services but with EclipseLink implementing a number of persistence standards and having so many advanced features there are lots of ways you can leverage it from Spring. We're going to dive into a few of the coolest features that differentiate EclipseLink from other persistence frameworks and show how you can use them in your Spring application.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Best JavaOne Shirt Ever!

If you've been to JavaOne in the last couple of years you'll have noticed the free custom T-Shirt booth. It's always jammed so I never paid it much attention. This year I happened to walk by it right after the trade show floor had opened--and the line was only 5 or 6 people--so I jumped in line! This year you had to complete an equation--remember this is a technology conference after all. The equation was:

"Java + _______ = _______".

Below you can see what I came up with. Best..(Free) T-Shirt...Ever!


The 1st Irish Open Source Technology Conference

The Irish Open Source Technology Conference (IOTC) will be held June 18th-20th in Dublin and promises to be great event! I'll be there to represent EclipseLink and the Eclipse Runtime Project that it's a part of.

I'd been to the Irish Java Technology Conference last year which was also organized by Barry Alistair at and so I know IOTC will be great. The conference venue was great, the speakers were top shelf (IMHO), and the Irish beer at the The Church was wonderful.

This year they'll be doing live streaming of sessions so if you can't make it to Dublin you can still "attend" sessions. Unfortunately the technology does not yet exist to stream the beer you should enjoy after a long day at the conference. ;-)